Open top bus tour in CHINA

Tickets for open top bus tours in CHINA

The Great Country

China is a country everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. It is one of the most mysterious and unique countries in the world. China is the country of papermaking, printing, silk, compass, porcelain and many other ancient discoveries. The country is located in Southeastern Asia. Today it is considered to be the “heir” of the greatest civilization with history of more than 5 thousand years. Modern China is the cultural, historic and economic center of Asia. It has different ethnic groups and an incredible development rate. This is why everyone dreams of visiting this unique country to see its treasures at least once.

What to see in China?

People have different reasons to visit China. Some of them want to enjoy the delicious Chinese cuisine, taste traditional noodles, Peking duck or meat dishes in sweet and sour sauce. Others want to learn more about the history and see the major attractions of the country. There are also amazing and affordable shopping centers in every major city of China, the reason for majority of tourists to visit the country. Regardless of the reasons, you will definitely be impressed by this unique country.

Open-top double-decker bus tours in China

“Big Bus Tours” company is considered to be an expert in organizing first class bus tours within the concept "Hop-on Hop-off". Today the Company offers rich and exciting tours in two most interesting cities of China –  Hong Kong and Shanghai. During the tour in Hong Kong, our guests will be able to see Big Budda, Bank of China Tower, Victoria Peak, Wong Tai Sin Temple and many other attractions.  The ticket for a red double-decker bus tour will give you the opportunity to get on and off the bus as many times as you want to take a closer look at a particular attraction.

Shanghai is the most beautiful city and the true “pearl” of China. The red double-decker bus will take you to the most famous and interesting attractions, such as  Confucian Temple, Postal Museum, Shanghai Museum, Waitan, Old Town and many others. While the multilingual audio guide tells interesting stories, you can enjoy the views and take beautiful pictures.

Charming China is waiting for you, so join a tour by a red double-decker bus with “Hop-on Hop-off"!