Open top bus tour in CZECH

Tickets for open top bus tours in CZECH

Czech Republic is one of the most visited countries in Europe and the world, so it is not surprising that excursions on a double-decker bus in the Czech Republic are very popular. A country that still retains the spirit of the Middle Ages with beautiful majestic castles, cathedrals in the Gothic style, unsurpassed architecture and a lot of exciting entertainment will open to tourists from all sides, you just have to buy a ticket for a red branded tour bus.
The geographical position in the heart of Europe plays an important role in the tourist popularity of the Czech Republic. During the year, the country receives more than 9 million tourists from all over the world. Most of them seek to get to know the beauties of the capital of the Czech Republic - Prague.
Especially for the convenience of city guests, Opentopbustour offers a wide variety of excursions on double-decker red buses using the Hop-on Hop-off system. This concept of tourist travel implies the possibility for Prague guests to plan their own time and daily routine on their own.
By purchasing tickets online for a red double-decker bus, you can get off at any time to walk around the historic center of the city, relax, visit a museum or take photos. With a ticket in hand, the tourist can continue the interrupted bus excursion at any convenient time during the validity period of the ticket. The guest of the tour will always know the route of the bus and the schedule of the excursion, because at the beginning of the trip each client will receive a newsletter and a map with all the necessary information.
What does a tour of the Czech Republic on a double-decker bus offer?
Tourists are invited to choose one of the many excursion options to your taste. A tour on a double-decker bus in the Czech Republic is conducted along three main lines, thematically divided in parts of the city for the convenience of tourists. Bus timetables range from 10 to 25 minutes depending on the line. Most of the stops of sightseeing buses coincide with the stops of public transport, so you will never get lost and get lost.
For everyone, tickets for excursion red buses for 24 or 48 hours are available, depending on how long the tourist is ready to take to get acquainted with Prague.
Also, Opentopbustour provides each client with an audio guide in 7 languages ​​so that during the bus he can enjoy a fascinating story about the sights of the city and the culture of Prague citizens.
A tour on a double-decker bus in the Czech Republic is the best choice of tourists who want to get the most complete picture of the country and a particular city in the shortest possible time!