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Romantic spirit of France

France is a country with a unique spirit of romance, sophistication and luxury. Throughout history, France has inspired many great poets, musicians and writers with the atmosphere of lightness, breeziness and charm. Millions of tourists visit France to “touch the perfection” and feel the spirit of French culture, fashion, cuisine, entertainment and lifestyle. France is rich in tourist attractions: literally every part of the country is a true masterpiece with amazing castles, palaces, cathedrals and private houses. Each region of France is attractive in its own way, but millions of tourists mostly visit the heart of the country, the city of love and lights, Paris.

The tour by an open-top double-decker bus will show you France!

Paris is a big city in the heart of Europe, with unique charm, easy rhythm of everyday life and spirit of freedom. There is an incredible amount of historic, cultural and architectural tourist attractions throughout the city, so you may need a tour ticket to see them all. We offer you carefully planned tours in the capital of France, Paris. By buying a ticket for one or two days, you will get maximum independence within the concept "Hop-on Hop-off." This system gives you the opportunity to plan you own schedule. It is available in all red double-decker buses. You can get on and off the red bus at any bus stop and then continue the tour from any stop you want. You can spend your spare time having lunch, taking a walk or admiring different attractions. The audio guide, available in 12 languages, will tell you interesting stories about Paris. It will drive your attention to the best attractions and will tell you interesting facts about each of them. In addition, you will receive a map of the city and a newsletter with all the information you may need along the route. If you want to visit France and see Paris in the most comfortable way, you should choose a tour by a double-decker bus with “Open Top Bus Tour”!