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Ireland is an ancient, amazing country that locals proudly call the Emerald Isle because of its luxurious natural beauty. This is a country of elves and fairies, ancient legends and legends, revolutions and wars. To this day, Ireland has preserved its culture, and the people of the country honor the complex, dramatic history of their people.
Most of the population of Ireland lives in Dublin, the largest and most interesting city in the country. Dublin is located in a picturesque location on the Irish Sea, and is not only the capital, but also the epicenter of political, cultural and tourist life.
Dublin is without a doubt a monumental city with its energetic atmosphere, good-natured people and authentic culture. In each building in the historic part of the city, one can observe a combination of chic and dilapidation, novelty and antiquity, which gives Dublin a unique charm.
An excursion in Ireland on a double-decker bus in Dublin opens up wide opportunities for all tourists to get to know the city, the traditions of Dubliners, their customs and the most beautiful sights, which are breathtaking.
A thought-out bus tour implies the widest possible opportunities for tourists to build their own excursion schedule thanks to the modern Hop-on hop-off system. This concept gives the tourist the right to sit down or get off the bus an unlimited number of times as part of the excursion route to any of the stops. Thus, travelers successfully combine sightseeing sightseeing, walking, visiting museums, rest and eating.
Each tour in Ireland on a double-decker bus includes the provision of a free map with marked stops and sights, a newsletter and an audio guide in several languages.
A tour on a double-decker bus in Ireland on the territory of Dublin is held for three main lines and covers all the most interesting, memorable places of the city. For example, in the south side of Southside, tourists will be able to stroll through the real Viking cemetery, view Trinity College, walk along the pedestrian Grafton Street and view all the details of the statue of Molly Malone.
No one will refuse to walk through the shady alleys and sit at one of the many fountains in St. Stephens Green and explore the majestic mansion of the Duke of Leinster. If a tourist has free time, he should definitely visit the National Museum with a collection of treasures of ancient times. Then a tour in Ireland on a double-decker bus will proceed to the Temple Bar quarter, where there are numerous galleries, expensive shops, the best pubs and shops of local craftsmen. Not far from Temple Bar is the famous Dublin Castle, which for more than 700 years has been a symbol of the influence of Britain in the country.
There is no better way to make a first impression about Ireland and Dublin than to take a tour on a comfortable double-decker bus with a panoramic top!