Open top bus tour in OMAN

Tickets for open top bus tours in OMAN

The pearl of Arabia

The Sultanate of Oman is an amazing country on the Arabian Peninsula, completely different from other states of the Persian Gulf. Oman is a popular tourist destination. It has an amazing nature, unique Arabian atmosphere and historic attractions. Oman attracts tourists with wide variety of entertainment, such as desert safaris, camping trips, beach vacations, sightseeing tours and more. Despite the hot climate (+34°C in June in Muscat), more and more tourists visit Oman every year.

Sightseeing in Oman

This exotic country attracts foreign tourists with its interesting history, deep spirituality of locals, natural resources and unique monuments. Tourists also admire the architectural buildings in traditional Arabian style, which are still well-preserved. There are also beautiful modern buildings, such as the majestic Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the main mosque in the country. This is one of the largest mosques in the world, with the capacity for 20,000 worshippers. Tourists have a unique opportunity to enter it. The largest carpet in the world, mentioned in the Guinness Book, is here too.

If you visit Muscat, make sure to see the fascinating Portuguese Forts (Fort Al-Jalali, Fort Al-Mirani) and the Al Alam Palace, the official residence of the Sultan of Oman. If you want to have a comfortable trip and see all the attractions in hot climate (+30°C), just buy a ticket for a bus tour in Muscat.

Double-decker bus tours in Oman

During the red bus tours with "Hop-on Hop-off", tourists explore the beautiful attractions of Oman every day. The main attractions of Muscat are close to each other, which makes the tour program rich and interesting. In just a couple of hours you can see the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Al Alam Palace, admire the beauty of the Royal Opera House as well as take a walk along the Fort Al-Jalali. You can get off the red bus at any bus stop if you want to take a walk or admire a particular attraction. You can get on and off the bus as many times as you want, as log as you ticket is valid.

Join the double-decker bus tour and explore the Arabian mystery with us!