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Nice choice! Saint-Petersburg City Tour Hop-on Hop-off on a double-decker

Service information

NOTE! The timetable is valid only for today. You can ask all the questions concerning the changes, bus route and schedule by calling +7 (961) 8000-755
The excursion starts and ends on Ostrovskogo square. If you joined us on the other stop, you can also have a round-trip. To do this, please, change for the next bus on Ostrovskogo square.

Red Route:
First Bus: 10:00 from Stop #1 (Ostrovsky Square)
Last Bus: 18:00 at Stop #1 (Ostrovsky Square)
Full Circuit Time: 2 hours
Bus Frequency: every 2 hours.

Included with the ticket

"Hop-on / Hop-off" – you can get on and off the bus at any bus stop.

Our buses have the "Hop-on / Hop-off" system, which means you are free to get on and off the bus at any bus stop along the road. Our programs do not have a specific start or end. As long as your ticket is valid, you can join the tour or leave it as many times as you want. Our guests can get off the bus at each stop and go for a walk and sightseeing, take some photos or just stay on the second floor of the double-decker bus, listen to the interesting audio guide and enjoy the views all day long.

Audio guide in several languages.

There is an audio guide in several languages for our guests. The program is interesting both for adults and children. The program of the excursion is made by professional historians, recorded by narrators and synchronized with the movement of the bus along the sights.

Free headphones and a city map.

All our guests receive a city map and headphones for free!

Your ticket is valid for 1 or 2 days.

In most cases, our guests will be able to order a ticket for 1 or 2 days. The choice is up to them. For some tours there are only 1-day tickets. If you do not have much time and want to see the sights in a short period of time, we recommend you to buy a 1-day ticket. You will be able to take part in the tour along the route until the time of the last departure. We offer 2-day tickets to people who have time for sightseeing and want to do it in an organized, yet extensive way. You will need a 2-day ticket if the program is long and rich with attractions. There are also two-day tickets that include a tour not only by a double-decker bus, but also by a red motor ship.

You must see this

Kazan Cathedral
The Hermitage
The bronze horseman
Peter and Paul fortress
St. Isaac's Cathedral
> City Tour Red Tour

Tour duration: 2 hours

Frequency: Every 120 minutes

Audio guide commentary language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish.

The tour starts from here:

  • 1
    Ostrovsky Square
    Метро "Гостиный двор"
  • 2
    Vladimirsky Avenue
    Метро "Маяковская", Невский пр. 49
  • 3
    Vosstaniya Sq
    Невский пр. 110, Метро: "Площадь Восстания" (выход на ул. Восстания), "Маяковская"
  • 4
    Mikhailovskaya street
    Невский пр. 38
  • 5
    Bolshaya Konyushennaya str.
    Nevsky pr. 20
  • 6
    Dvortsovaya Square
    Метро: "Гостиный Двор", "Невский Проспект"
  • 7
    Saviour on the Spilled Blood
    метро: Невский Проспект
  • 8
    Summer Garden
    метро: Невский Проспект
  • 9
    Troitskaya square
    метро: Горьковская
  • 10
    Cruiser Aurora
    метро: Горьковская, Площадь Ленина
  • 11
    Peter and Paul Fortress
    метро: Горьковская
  • 12
    Spit of Vasilievskiy island
    метро: Василеостровская, Спортивная
  • 13
    St. Isaac's Cathedral
    Метро: Адмиралтейская, Невский Проспект, Садовая
  • 14
    Gostiny Dvor
    Метро: Гостиный Двор, Невский Проспект

Tickets on sale for hop-on hop-off bus in Saint-Petersburg: City Tour Hop-on Hop-off.

Sightseeing bus tour in St. Petersburg will take you to the most important places to see the greatest attractions in one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. The bright-red buses, which cannot be confused with any other bus, are in the center of the city. They always stop at the Kazan Cathedral, Great Gostiny Dvor, Anichkov Bridge, Vosstanija Square and Ciniselli Circus. Tourists’ favorite Hop-on / Hop-off system has become popular among the locals too, as they can always discover something new and interesting about their hometown. This concept has been popular for a long time in the whole world, and now you can try it too. With a 24-hour ticket you can get off the bus anytime you want, go for a walk, visit a museum or a cathedral, have a lunch and then get on the next red bus at the bus stop. The most popular excursion route involves 19 stops of the bright red buses. During the double-decker bus tours in St. Petersburg, the guests will be able to listen to interesting and useful information in any of the available languages. The route of the double-decker bus includes almost all the main attractions in the city, except the Vasilyevsky Island and the Peter and Paul Fortress. The tour begins at St. Isaac's Cathedral and includes Palace Square and Vosstaniya Square. Then the bus turns around and goes towards the Summer Garden. After reaching the Winter Canal, the sightseeing red bus goes to the Palace Embankment, where passengers get off the bus to enjoy the view of the Peter and Paul Fortress. Then the route continues to the Senate Square with the famous Bronze Horseman, which is the last point of the program. The red bus tour in St. Petersburg ends at St. Isaac's Cathedral, just where it began. The main advantage of the double-decker bus tour in St. Petersburg is the opportunity to buy a 2-day ticket and go sightseeing without any haste.

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