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Riga hop-on hop-off open top bus tours and prices.

Riga-a city on the Baltic sea, the capital of Latvia and one of the largest cities in the Baltic States. Riga gained worldwide fame thanks to the well-preserved Old town, which is included in the UNESCO world heritage list.

The abundance of ancient attractions due to the fact that the city for many years was part of the Hanseatic League and has always been a rich region. Today in Riga successfully coexist buildings in the art Nouveau style, modern glass buildings and medieval architecture with carved decoration and stucco.

Features of the double-Decker bus tour in Riga

A good geographical location causes a pleasant, comfortable climate in the city, so hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Riga almost all year round.

Riga is distinguished from many other Baltic cities by a wide variety of attractions belonging to different eras and periods in the history of the city.

The double-Decker bus tour of Riga is carried out according to the modern Hop-on hop-off system, which offers the opportunity to individualize the tour for the tourist. Anyone who has bought a ticket online for a tour can at any time sit down or get off the bus at the stops along the route, see the sights, take pictures and walk through the narrow streets of Riga, and then continue their journey on any of the route lines.

A tour of Riga on a double-Decker bus reveals to travelers all facets of the city, shows all its sides and passes through the most interesting tourist routes.

As part of the informative tour on a double-Decker bus, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the majestic dome Cathedral, the freedom monument, the Powder tower, the Riga castle, the house of blackheads, the Seimas building, the National Opera.

To this day in excellent condition in Riga preserved several castles, many beautiful churches and medieval houses, decorated with coats of arms and paintings.

Many guests of the city will want to see the famous "house of cats", shrouded in legends, visit the Ethnographic Museum and consider the decoration of the buildings of The big and Small Guild.

Carefully thought-out tour of Riga on a double-Decker bus with panoramic top, air conditioning and audio guide in several languages will make your acquaintance with the city unforgettable!