Open top bus tour in RUSSIA

Tickets for open top bus tours in RUSSIA

Excursions by double-decker bus in Russia become more and more popular among tourists. After all, going on a nice tour by a comfortable transport and seeing all the main attractions is the most pleasant way to explore the city and know it better.          

Now the sightseeing bus tours in Russia are held on bright-red double-decker buses in three Russian cities - Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kazan. When buying a double-decker bus ticket, keep in mind that it is valid during the whole day. Thus, the tourist can get on the bus along the route any time he wants, and then leave it and go for a walk or take some photographs.

It’s not easy to explore the Russian cities – a certain travel context is required.  In particular, you will need to get acquainted with the locals, their business and mode of life, as well as see the nature and the nearest neighborhoods. During the excursion by a double-decker bus in Russia you will get a bunch of different impressions and emotions. The red bus tour in Moscow begins with the Red Square and includes all the major attractions in the city.

The double-decker bus tour in St. Petersburg begins with St. Isaac's Cathedral. The program has 19 stops with intervals of half an hour. During the tour the passengers will see the Palace Square, Anichkov Bridge, Kazan Cathedral, House of Books, Bolshoi State Circus, Summer Garden, Palace Embankment, as well as the statue of the Bronze Horseman. The red bus Kazan has 10 stops and the passengers can get off the bus or join the tour at each stop. Having purchased a red bus ticket, you will move from the "Gabdulla Tukay square" station to the Yunusovskaya Square, from the Bauman and Lobachevskii streets to the May1 square. "Freedom Square" is the last point of the route.

Excursion by a red bus in Russia is just an ordinary tour with a specific program. It is a great adventure, which opens a new world to the Russians and visitors from other countries. Many people can’t even imagine what kind of emotions they can get from an excursion by a bright double-decker bus. Discover a new world which is just outside and enjoy the impressive excursion by a red double-decker bus in Russia!