Open top bus tour in SERBIA

Tickets for open top bus tours in SERBIA

The popularity of excursions by double-decker bus in Serbia is in its peak now. Everyone can afford it.

Serbia is an underrated yet stunning oasis of historical and cultural treasures, natural beauty and pacification. A visit to this country gives the tourist a chance for all possible pleasures, awakens his imagination and gives memories for life.

Serbia has a Slavic soul. It combines the charm of the rivers and lakes, monasteries, holy places, plains and mountains with the amiability and geniality of the locals.

Within the tour program, the double-decker bus will pass by the brightest and most beautiful places in Belgrade, the capital of the country.

The sightseeing bus tour in Serbia invites you to feel the century-long history of the Serbian people, walk in the cozy streets of the city, admire the Belgrade Fortress, visit the Museum of Aviation, the Nikola Tesla Museum, the House of Flowers, as well as walk across the Skadarlija street.

Bus tours in Serbia, within the concept of "Hop-on/Hop-off", allow the travelers to plan their schedules as they want.  They can get off the bus whenever they want and go for a walk, have a lunch or climb the walls of the Fortress, and then get on another red bus at the nearest bus stop. For better orientation each client receives a card and a newsletter with all the necessary information.

Passengers can get on and off the bus as many times as they want with a 1-day ticket. The audio guide will tell informative stories about the Serbians, the history of the city and the main attractions in several languages, in the most acceptable and easy form.

During the double-decker bus tour in Serbia the audio guide will definitely recommend you to visit the Nikola Tesla Museum, dedicated to the life and work of the great inventor of the XIX-XX centuries. The city is also famous for the monumental Belgrade Fortress, which is very similar to the Moscow Kremlin. It is surrounded by the picturesque Kalemegdan Park.

Make sure to walk across the Knez Mihailova Street and visit the Church of Saint Sava - the largest and one of the most beautiful churches in the Balkan Peninsula.

Belgrade is the heart and the soul of Serbia. The city is quiet, friendly and clean. It is also rather compact, so the excursion is informative and not tiresome.  The double-decker bus is Serbia is a comfortable, affordable, informative and impressive transport for exploring the city!