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Good choice! Sydney Hop-on Hop-off city bus tours.

Sydney hop-on hop-off open top bus tours and prices.

Australia's largest city

Sydney is the oldest city in Australia, which fought for the status of “capital” for a log time. Today it is the state capital of New South Wales as well as the economic, cultural and intellectual center of Australia. Millions of tourists visit Sydney every year. They enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, amazing architecture and historic attractions of the city. When you are in Sydney, make sure to see the fantastic Opera House, Royal Botanic Garden, biggest zoos in the world and more. Besides, you can always surf or have a rest at the beach.

Double-decker bus tours in Sydney.

The red bus tours in Sydney are quite different from the tours in any other city. Each tour includes not only architectural and historic monuments, but also many natural beauties Australia is famous for. Sydney Harbor is the largest and most beautiful natural harbor in the world, with more than 240 kilometres of shoreline and meandering waterways. It attracts tourists with its unspoiled beaches, picturesque gardens and wonderful boat tours. The Harbour Bridge is one of the biggest bridges in the world. It is nicknamed "The Coathanger" because of its arch-based design.

The Sydney Opera is regarded as the symbol of Sydney and the embodiment of all Australia. This building is a real masterpiece, which attracts millions of tourists. They think it looks like a huge ship with white sails or a huge swan. The fact is, it is the most beautiful building in the country.

Sydney is a big city and it would be hard for you to explore all its attractions by yourself. We can make it easy for you. By buying a 1 or 2 day-ticket for a red double-decker bus tour, you can enjoy a fantastic trip in Sydney with real comfort. You can use all the advantages of the concept "Hop-on Hop-off", such as get off the bus at any bus stop and explore the attractions of the city. You can wait for the next red bus and continue the tour whenever you want!