Open top bus tour in VIETNAM

Tickets for open top bus tours in VIETNAM

Vietnam is one of the most colorful and mysterious countries in the world, attracting millions of tourists. Picturesque Lotus lakes, beautiful bays, monkey Islands, colorful dunes, breathtaking waterfalls, unique architecture and Buddhist temples, pagodas and amazing landscapes are waiting for all travelers. In the last 20 years, tourism in Vietnam has been developing at an incredible pace, so a double-Decker bus tour in Vietnam is the best solution for the first visit to the country and the most interesting cities. Opentopbustour offers carefully thought-out excursions on double-Decker buses with panoramic second floor in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

Hanoi is the capital and the second most populous city in the country. For the hurried tourist, a double-Decker bus tour in Vietnam to Hanoi gives a unique chance to get a General idea of the history, architecture and culture of the whole country within one city. The character and many features in the appearance of modern Hanoi is largely formed by the French: the combination of colonial style in architecture and traditional Asian notes creates a unique flavor, which is rarely found anywhere in the world.

The tour in Vietnam by double-Decker bus to Hanoi runs along the route covering all the main attractions of the city, including the Opera house with a colonnade, the Vietnamese state Bank, St. Joseph's Cathedral, the University of Hanoi, the Presidential Palace and many others. Our guests can enjoy all the benefits of the Hop-on Hop-off system, allowing you to sit down or get off the tour bus at any of the stops along the route during the validity of the ticket. Free time tourists can spend on sightseeing, visit the Ho Tay water Park or the Vietnam military history Museum, as well as a walk along the picturesque West lake.

Kishimen, formerly known as Saigon, today is the real gateway of the country and the largest city of Vietnam. Despite the fact that Ho Chi Minh city is away from the sea resorts, millions of tourists it attracts, first of all, a lot of attractions and magnificent panoramic views that open in clear weather already on Board the plane.

All the attractions of Ho Chi Minh city are very compact in the area of Ben tan market, so the tour on a double-Decker bus in Vietnam covers all the interesting places of the city. None of the travelers will not refuse to get off the double-Decker bus to take a closer look at the reunification Palace, the Ho Chi Minh Museum, the war crimes Museum, Notre Dame De Saigon, the municipality building, the modern skyscraper tower of Biteksko and the huge Ben tan market, where you can buy not only traditional Souvenirs, but anything you want.

Tour in Vietnam on a double-Decker bus offers unique opportunities to explore the most interesting and promising in the tourist understanding of the cities of the country. The big advantage comfortable the tours organized by the company Opentopbustour is the ability to undertake the journey at your own pace and on your schedule.